Today, Belarus and the European Union are negotiating on common partnership priorities, which gives our Project the opportunity to draw the attention of Western producers to the opportunity to work with Belarusian enterprises.

Belarus continues reforms, increases the role of private business and moves to modern technologies. As evidenced by the growth in the number of companies with foreign capital: since 2014, their number has increased by 40%.

The trend of Belarus' economic development is focused on the strategy of harmonious integration into international value chains.

This is facilitated by the favorable geographical position of the country, which can be viewed as a communication link between the CIS, Russia and Europe, developed infrastructure and a high level of education. So, experts estimate the technological and personnel potential of our country as high enough: experienced designers and competent technologists are the guarantee of effective activity at a relatively low cost of work.

The investment climate in Belarus allows us to view our country as a potentially suitable platform for the implementation of modern projects. Belarus has rather advanced investment legislation with preferential regimes, which creates prerequisites for investors to enter small and medium-sized cities, into free economic zones, and the "Great Stone" industrial park.

The Promo-Export project will acquaint you with the conditions of management, which have a number of advantages for effective activity. In addition, we offer to familiarize with a number of investment projects, in the implementation of which your company may be interested.

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