FREE ECONOMIC ZONE: Epicenters of industrial production


The territory of  Belarus is 207.6 thousand square kilometers.  It is compact.  Its greatest length from west to east is 650 km, from north to south - 560 km.  In terms of the size of the territory, the republic ranks 13th among European countries.


Belarus has 6 regions with centers in Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno and Mogilev. In each region, for the convenience of doing business, there are "free economic zones" or FEZ.

FEZ is one of the features of the structure of the Belarusian economy.  They are designed to stimulate the creation and development of industries - especially those that are based on new technologies.


The overall goal of creating all FEZ is to attract domestic and foreign investments, the development of export-oriented industries, and the economic development of the respective regions.


The free economic zone regime allows resident enterprises to work in special preferential terms.  One of the advantages for FEZ investors is the availability of special tax and customs privileges.


Why is it good to invest in FEZ?


For all FEZ residents, there is a single special taxation regime designed to facilitate the dynamic attraction of investments and the development of international trade.  We list them:


FEZ residents are granted tax preferences for income tax received from exports and sales of goods to other FEZ residents.

FEZ residents are exempt from income tax received from the sale of goods (works, services) of their own production, within 5 years from the date of their declaration of profit, and after the expiration of this period, the FEZ resident pays income tax at a rate reduced by 50%.

FEZ residents, who produce goods for domestic consumption using foreign components, are exempt from the value added tax charged by customs authorities, which allows reducing the tax burden to 40%.

FEZ residents are exempt from property tax on all properties located on the territory of the relevant FEZ, regardless of the direction in which they are used.

FEZ residents are exempt from land tax and rent for land plots within FEZ boundaries for the period of design and construction of facilities, but not more than five years from the date of such registration. 

FEZ residents are exempt from compulsory sale of foreign currency. 

Residents are exempted from the state duty for issuing special permits to foreign citizens and stateless persons to work in Belarus.


What is necessary to become a resident of FEZ?

FEZ may become a legal entity of any form of ownership created by Belarusian and (or) foreign legal entities and (or) individuals.

To obtain FEZ resident status, it is necessary to develop an export-oriented or import-substituting investment project and submit it to the FEZ administration.

The declared amount of investment in the implementation of the investment project of a legal entity applying for registration as an FEZ resident must amount to an amount equivalent to at least 500 thou.  euro, subject to investment in the economy of the country at the said volume within three years from the date of the conclusion of the agreement on the conditions of activity in FEZ.

Note: Financing of the costs for the creation of the engineering and transport infrastructure required for the implementation of the FEZ resident investment project with the declared investment amount equivalent to more than EUR 10 million is financed by the State Investment Program and local budgets.

What else do you need to know?


FEZ has precisely defined borders and a special legal regime that establishes more favorable conditions for business and other economic activities that allow investors to realize their projects as quickly as possible while at the same time saving up to 30% of the costs of organizing production.

The investor has the opportunity to choose the optimal site for the location of the enterprise and start the business taking into account the logistics component of its production. 

FEZ provides:

- land for new construction and infrastructure development

- ready buildings that you can rent or purchase the property for commencement.

The unified term for the end of activities of the Belarusian free economic zones is December 31, 2049.

FEZ «Brest»


The territory is more than 10 thousand hectares. 

FEZ includes two automobile border crossings ("Kozlovichi" and "Warsaw Bridge") and a railway border crossing "Brest". Due to its favourable geographical position (border of FEZ "Brest" partially coincide with the borders of the EU) railway junction is an important element in the infrastructure of land routes between Europe and China under the title "New silk Road".


Website: www.fez.brest.by/


FEZ "Vitebsk"


The territory occupies more than 2,4 thousand hectares and consists of 13 plots.


Website: http://fez-vitebsk.by/

FEZ «Gomel-Raton»


The territory occupies more than 8 thousand hectares.

Website: http://gomelraton.com/


FEZ «Grodnoinvest»


The area of ​​more than 3,5 thousand hectares.


This is the only FEZ of the Republic, which is entrusted with the functions of managing a special territory - a special tourist and recreational park "Augustow Canal" with an area of ​​5.7 thousand hectares.

Website: http://grodnoinvest.by/


FEZ «Mogilev»


The total area of ​​2,8 thousand hectares, consists of 12 plots.


Website: http://fezmogilev.by/


FEZ "Minsk"


The territory covers an area of ​​more than 2.65 thousand hectares, consists of 21 plots.


Website:  https://www.fezminsk.by/



The FEZ as a form of international economic cooperation allows to include the national market in the world economic system.  One of the main advantages that companies receive in the FEZ is an advantageous geographical location (a short distance to European centers) and efficient logistics.


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