GREAT STONE: Industrial park in Belarus

Currently, Belarus is actively engaged in creating an enabling environment for business. The main priority of creating an industrial park on the territory of Belarus is long-term investment cooperation.


The largest investing countries in Belarus are the EU and Russia. To date, 7 thousand companies with foreign capital have been created. They are guaranteed rights and protection under agreements with 60 countries of the world and MIGA (MIGA).

Among the reforming countries Belarus has become the 4th in the world. Over the past 10 years, Belarus has risen to 92 positions: the conditions for opening a business, registration of property, foreign trade, protection of minority investors have significantly improved.

Belarus is on the 24th place in the Global Index of Sustainable Competitiveness (SolAbility) between Japan and Poland.

Belarus is in the TOP-10 countries with a high level of security (index 77.74) and the lowest crime rate (index 22.26) according to Numbeo along with Denmark and Switzerland.

On the level of access to health care, Belarus is on the first positions along with Canada. Medical assistance is provided to citizens of all countries.


Industrial park: Advantageous location

GREAT STONE is located in close proximity to the National Airport of Belarus and the railway. Through the territory of the park is a high-speed M1 / ​​E30 highway with a total length of 5 700 km from Ireland to Siberia. The distance to the seaports of the Baltic is 500 km.

The territory allocated for the Industrial park is 25 km away. from the capital of Belarus - the city of Minsk and covers an area of ​​about 91 sq. km.

GREAT STONE is a key element of the Economic Belt of the Silk Road. It reveals the potential of Belarus as a communication link between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC: Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan) and the EU.

Industrial park provides an opportunity for duty-free entry to the market of the EEA countries with a capacity of 183 million people. ЕАЭС is a free moving of the goods, services, the capital and a labor. This is the harmonization of legislation, technical and regulatory standards and regulations. This is a free trade agreement with dozens of countries.

The proximity of Belarus to neighboring European countries is a guarantee of a reduction in transportation costs and terms of transportation for the export of goods. On the territory of Industrial park, the largest logistics sub-park is being created ("dry port") (area 100 ha) for providing complex servants: warehouse storage, packing-packing, logistics and trade and exhibition services.

Today the first stage has been realized - warehouses, an exhibition center, an office building, a hotel. The total area of ​​100 thousand square meters.

Industrial park: Business Opportunities

Highly skilled labor. Over the past 7 years, Belarus has risen from 84 to 31 in the world ICT development rankings. Six Belarusian companies entered the top 100 outsourcers of the world.

The proximity of the capital of Belarus is of strategic importance for the Park. There are 51 universities, 426 colleges, where 0.5 million students are trained annually, which provides the Park with professional staff.

There is no restriction on hiring foreign labor. The preferential rate of personal income tax is 9%.

440 organizations of the capital (26.2 thousand workers) carry out research and development. In Belarus, 1/3 of the employees are engaged in high-end activities.

Industrial park: Privileges and preferences


Priority areas for work in the park: mechanical engineering, electronics, new materials, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals.

Financing of effective projects can be carried out at the expense of the own Fund of an industrial park.

Investors are invited to conduct business in the absolute comfort zone:

  • Free Customs Zone Mode
  • Lack of construction certification
  • Incentives to attract foreign and Belarusian workers

0% tax

  • at a profit
  • the property
  • land
  • dividends
  • customs duties
  • VAT

Industrial park operates on the principle of "One Window". This means that in one place are carried out:

  • Company registration
  • Obtaining licenses (permits)
  • Conclusion of the contract for all types of connection of public services (energy, gas, water, sewage, internet, communications)
  • Conclusion of the contract of purchase / sale / lease
  • Provision of administrative services on all issues

GREAT STONE: New international city

It is an ECO city with comfortable living conditions for 200,000 people. The infrastructure includes industrial facilities, commercial and commercial facilities, scientific and educational centers, cultural and entertainment facilities, sports and recreation facilities, engineering facilities, logistics and warehouses.

The administration of the park provides everything you need:

  • land, ready for construction,
  • ready-made production premises for rent or property,
  • ready-made office space for rent or property,
  • construction at the expense of the park according to your requirements,
  • communications are brought directly to the site (water supply, water disposal, gas, electricity).

Functional zoning of the first stage of development has already been carried out: industrial objects, a logistics zone, a zone of transport objects, public buildings, multi-apartment buildings, manor buildings.

Today you can visit Belarus and get acquainted with the living and working conditions in our country without a visa (link to the page of the Business Tour).

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